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The Will (2000)

by Kristen Ashley(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: So very refreshing to read of a hero/heroine in their 40's vs the typical twenty-something angst. Loved that the hero (Jake) had a past. Loved that there were step-children involved. The heroine was such a great character. I particularly admired how she bonded with Jake's kids. The plot was moving and sweet: the tensions were created by great character interactions vs some intervening drama to keep the reader interested. I loved that Jake was uncultured but that he was so selfless with those that he loved. I admired that Josie could value the true worth of individuals and see through pretense. I wish for a Gran like Lydie. What a great read!
review 2: I'm at 50% and I've hit a stopping point. Josie and Jake. The setup with the will was interesting and i
... moret seems there's a secret surrounding Jake and the grandma's relationship still to be revealed. Even still, I've had it with Josie. Her thoughts and dialogue read like that of a heroine in a cheesy historical romance. "Alas" is overused and it's grating! She acts like a robot and it's not endearing. Maybe she's supposed to be like a female Tim Gunn, but even he doesn't talk like that and he's likable. As for Jake, he fills the role of the strong protector but the "hey, Slick" and "you're the shit" compliments are way past repetitive. Jake's speech is so abrupt and incomplete that oftentimes it doesn't make any sense. This novel is long and the plot has no mystery to keep the reader hooked. If this was edited and there was some bigger intrigue or mystery, then this may have worked. less
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This was a FUN read! Kristen Ashley NEVER disappoints!!
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