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Neverhome (2014)

by Laird Hunt(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 2
0316370134 (ISBN13: 9780316370134)
Little, Brown and Company
review 1: I wanted to like this book more, I think the premise is interesting and it's obvious the author did her homework. But it was written in an old-fashioned style and I found myself reading a line more than once, trying to figure out what was said. There is so much unsaid in this story, that it reminded me of work. What am I supposed to determine from what is written? And a sad ending. Not that I expected a Civil War story to be happy...
review 2: A story of a woman who enlists in the fighting during the Civil War, leaving her husband ( who seemed to lack any type of backbone) at home to farm. I was hoping it would be more interesting, but while told in "Ash's" voice, somehow, to me, it just didn't make the mark. Ash began as a soldier, was asked to be a sharp-sho
... moreoter, is captured, escapes, found out and sent to an asylum, escapes again and eventually makes her way home, only to be disappointed and accidentally killing her husband. The story sounds dramatic, but just didn't inspire me as I had hoped it would. less
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Lyrical and haunting. And the twist at the end--what the heck!?!?
I thought that it was a good read. It kept my attention
Atmospheric and unusual.
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