The Grove

Steven and I took Alexander to the grove for the first time. We also brought his sister. This place is always filled with people. It’s a very popular attraction for people to visit. The grove is known for their outlets stores and restaurants. Since its near December they decorated the place with Christmas decorations and they even added a Santa gingerbread house. Most likely we’ll take Alexander to take pictures with Santa Claus after thanksgiving. Anyways we visited some stores and walked around the farmers market they have there (which is a food court) we decided to eat at Wood Ranch, it was delicious. After our meal we went and walked around more and decided to get sprinkles cupcakes. This cupcake store is popular that they have one too in the Americana in Glendale. Steven got us a red velvet and two choclate cupcakes. Thank you Steven for the meal and dessert if your reading this. After the cupcakes we called it a day and took pictures of the view and went home.

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