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The Hypnotist (2011)

by Lars Kepler(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 3
0374173958 (ISBN13: 9780374173951)
Sarah Crichton Books
Joona Linna
review 1: This book, as a few readers already pointed out reads like a movie. Starts out strong and intriguing however after the initial excitement it just becomes a boring, already seen cliche of a crime story. You can see that the writers are trying hard to make this both a literally and a storyline success however they lack in both. Too many twists, I wish they just tried to stick with the one plot and built on that. Instead the story branches out in different directions all poorly executed. Like I said, it is just like watching an all too cliched action movie with Bruce Willis in the leading role.
review 2: I enjoy Scandinavian crime fiction and having just exhausted all the writings of Jo Nesbo was looking around for someone new! This is the first in a series of bo
... moreoks featuring DI Joona Linna, although his presence wasn't all that significant in this book. Interestingly the books are written by a literary couple who live in Sweden and write under the name of Lars Kepler. It was an easy but gripping read and I look forward to reading more of their work. less
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Great book. Very dark and disturbing at times, but worth the effort.
very dark, but not quite what I expected
Just riveting.
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