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Zoo City (2010)

by Lauren Beukes(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 2
Angry Robot
review 1: I really like the concept of the story, and I would like a sloth to carry around with me. Overall, the mystery was well done, though it's never made clear why poor Mrs. Ludiski (sp?) was killed in the beginning. Also, I think Beukes could have explained how one gets an animal a little better; do you HAVE to murder someone? Or will just any crime do? Is it tied in with the guilt you feel? There were probably nuances I missed while listening to the audiobook; it was a challenge with the names and different terms she used throughout. I wouldn't mind actually reading it to see what I missed on the audiobook. Beukes did a great job world building, and her descriptions of Zoo City are really vivid.
review 2: Without question this book is weird ... a highly unusual, n
... moreoir, South African urban dystopic fantasy ... and I loved it. In truth, it isn't the story that I loved, it is the writing. She had me with the first four sentences: "Morning light the sulphur colour of the mine dumps seeps across Johannesburg's skyline and sears through my window. My own personal bat signal. Or a reminder that I really need to get curtains. Shielding my eyes -- morning has broken and there's no picking up the pieces -- I yank back the sheet and peel out of bed." The story itself is bleak and bizarre and, at times, seemed very disjointed (I never did figure what was up with the faith healer / witch doctor) but I found the writing itself to be engaging, and I was so fascinated with the idea of being "animalled" that I almost didn't care about the story. I very rarely re-read books but will almost certainly read this one again, soon, and will definitely check out other books from this author. I also very much hope that Zoo City will be the first in a series because I think that there is much more to explore in the world of the animalled. less
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The major issue I have with this otherwise gripping book is the amnesiac approach to race.
This book started out interesting and then fell apart at the end.
Really enjoyed the Shining Girls but couldn't get into Zoo City
Better than The Shining Girls.
This book is a great read!
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