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Kiss In The Dark (2010)

by Lauren Henderson(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 2
0385737777 (ISBN13: 9780385737777)
Delacorte Press
Scarlett Wakefield
review 1: I really hated this book. It might appeal to very young teens, but it's not well written. It's hard to take characters named Plum and Scarlett seriously, the adults seem antideluvian and the teens not very realistically written. Plus, Scarlett's love interest never made sense..the gardener's bi-racial son after being involved with so many scandals? Really? And she's the future heir to the estate? How clich'e. The so-called mystery was apparent from the beginning. I'm glad I can swap this on paperbackswap.com for a credit.
review 2: This novel, while following the mystery/romantic-tendency of the series, solved its own mystery in the storyline, but unlike the others, it left with a second mystery far more outstanding and intriguing trying to hook the reader into
... more a presumable fourth book. Whereas the previous books were spell-binding in their own right, this one didn't mesmerize quite as thoroughly and while still an easy read, was not nearly as captivating. less
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It was a really good book. A great mystery and romance.
Didn't have enough romance for me...
I liked this series a lot
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