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Then You Were Gone (2013)

by Lauren Strasnick(Favorite Author)
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Simon Pulse
review 1: Then You Were Gone by Lauren Strasnick was not one of my favorite books. The plot of the story didn't appear to have much substance. The story was driven by Adrienne's guilt and sympathy of her old friend Dakota. I could not relate to the characters, thus making me hard to stay intrigued in the book. After I finished reading, I was confused as to what the point of the story was. However, I enjoyed how the chapters were short and I was able to read through the book pretty quickly.
review 2: This book was alright. What drawn me to do the book was the blurb about how a friendship that once disappeared, but was revived by a call from one of the friends. So, I thought it might be useful if my friendship were to happen like that. However, the book was not as I expec
... moreted. It was mostly about how the other friend that received the call life was changed. For the main character, (the one who received the call from Dakota) Adrienne was desperate in finding out whether her old friend suicide or not, breaking up her personality, with her boyfriend, and almost her friendship with other people. Which is not what I wanted since in the blurb it states, "And she's growing convinced each day that Dakota is still alive." Making me want to know how Adrienne know her friend Dakota was still alive. This book fulfilled my want at the very end, which made it sound really rushed. However, it did complete my wanting of reading this book. I suggest this book to those who are mature enough to read it, because there are many skin-ships in this book that might make others cringe. less
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Super easy read and there's not much to it. Just a random story with really no story line at all.
I won this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Hope to read it soon. Thanks.
Won as part of the Goodreads first reads program. Can't wait to read it!
not the worst book ever, but wouldn't recommend it either :(
Won this! :)
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