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L'incidente (2011)

by Laurence Cossé(Favorite Author)
3.26 of 5 Votes: 4
8876419462 (ISBN13: 9788876419461)
review 1: This title didn't begin auspiciously for me. It was slow going and I found the protagonist to be a whiner, most annoyingly so. But because I liked another of Cosse's books, A Novel Bookstore, I stuck with it and am glad I did. About a third of the way through this rather short novel the story took off in a surprisingly different direction and the story began to race along. Worth reading therefore.
review 2: Gripping, compelling and brought me back to the time of her passing. The (anti-)heroine is empathetic. I imagined myself in her position, like in the crucial scene on pg. 132, I thought through different escape scenarios and landed on the one she [Lou] eventually went with. I was shocked and a bit pleased that she picked the same choice I chose. The descrip
... moretions of French locales make me want to visit. I'd suggest this someone who likes books about Diana. less
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Well written. Predictable in places but surprising in others. Worth a read (reads very quickly).
What a shame because I really like this author...
Good premise but silly book.
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