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Seth And David (2012)

by L.B. Gregg(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
1426894481 (ISBN13: 9781426894480)
Carina Press
Men of Smithfield
review 1: Audio version, narrated by Shannon Gunn whose voice and narration are perfect especially for portraying just what an emotionally stunted dick Seth is and was hilarious when voicing Quinn. This book was great. I haven't gotten into an asshole character so well in a while. It was well done here.There were funny moments, sexy ones and others that evoked empathy. A good story that kept me company while cleaning :-)
review 2: I enjoyed this second book in the Men of Smithfield series. I enjoyed the style and the wonderful humour throughout the book. The characters were great including the children. David was a wonderful contrast to Seth and they complimented each other very well. The pace was fast and the plot had some mystery/intrigue.I actually listened to this st
... moreory via the Audible version. While I loved the narrator and the voice he provided for each character, I still prefer to actually read a book rather than listen. I set the narration speed at 1.5 as the default speed was too slow for my liking. As it is, audio books take a lot longer to get through as my own reading speed is faster.Reading would be my first choice, and I think I will only revert to audio books if there is a particular situation that prevents me from reading. In this case, I listened while driving and ironing!I have now listened to the first two books in the series via Audible so will read the next book which should make an interesting comparison and give a different perspective on the series as I think listening rather than reading does change the opinion of the story - you are influenced by the narrators accents and inflections.3.5 stars less
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these stories are so different , i just like them :)
Great humor, a little sadness - wish it was longer
This one is my favorite of the series!
2.5 stars rounded up
3.5 stars
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