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Too Much (2014)

by Lea Griffith(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
All or Nothing
review 1: Loved this book ... Jeremiah and Dayl are have so much against them in this story but they fight to get back what they have lost and to find the truth .. And to finally realize after all these years that they just didn't believe in one another enough at the time but now they were ready for the next step to finally make them a whole ... Great story .... And to find out all this time that Jeremiah had been trying to protect Dayl and Toby from finding out about there father which they already hated but still he keep that secret from the both
review 2: Wow! I was hoping for a good, just over the edge, hardcore read. I got it and a good plot to go along. Good job Lea! I will be looking for more of your books to read. I fell for your characters. Copeland fought for h
... moreis younger brother and sister to have a better life. Daly' s father, who she hates, grew up with the silver spoon. She and her brother Toby were disowned. Toby was a friend to Copeland and worked for him. That's where he and Daly found each other. There was lots of miscommunication between everyone. If you like BDSM you should like this story. If not, just skip on by. less
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