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Come Un Petalo Bianco D'estate (2011)

by Leah Hager Cohen(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 3
8811681979 (ISBN13: 9788811681977)
review 1: This is more of a 4.5 for me. Nice writing, poignant and painful insights into the lives of a mother, father, teen brother and ten-y-o girl grieving the death of their baby who lives only a few days.Flashbacks and peripheral characters all are deftly handled. There's a certain dispassionate tone that makes it almost like a case study, yet this keeps it from being a maudlin read and I cared for the people. All of them.Some reviewers didn't like the epilog-ish ending, but it worked for me, because the story really ended where it needed to. Having the additional information kept it from being an up-in-the-air ending. I especially liked the brief mention of the husband and wife holding hands out of sight under the table.Very good book.
review 2: Loved this. So
... more many times I pick up books about the struggles of families, only to find them very trite and predictable with no real deep emotional engagement. This, on the other hand, is so real and complex. I ended it feeling like I knew all the characters personally and had just spent time with them. This book doesn't distill the problems and issues this family faces into "good" or "bad" or solve them all neatly by the end--it's complicated, full of gray areas, and influenced by each character's personality, age, role in the family, and past. Such a great read, something you can really sink your teeth into. less
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Really enjoyed this book, a slightly grim subject but I felt the author dealth with it very well.
So far this book is very good. Didn't like the ending. A little too trite.
Lovely book. Really involving. Will be looking for more by the same author.
I don't have time for books that don't grab me right away...
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