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Face Of Evil (2011)

by Lee Goldberg(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 3
0012193119 (ISBN13: 2940012193117)
Adventures in Television
The Dead Man
review 1: The first volume of this series reads sorta like Stephen King writing a horror version of the Destroyer series. It's fast paced and gory, the writing's a little clumsy, and it totally lacks subtlety: the good guy is an Upstanding Good Citizen, the bad guys are leering evil creeps who deserve to be thrown off a cliff. Being the first volume, it also lacks anything like a satisfying resolution.I'm just barely interested enough to read the second volume - it's not much of a time-sink after all, and I know there some later volumes are by writers whose work I hold in high esteem.
review 2: This book was OK - I did enjoy reading it and the pace was pretty fast, which I really liked. It sort of felt like the ending was rushed a little. I get that this is a series and
... moremore will be revealed in time, I just enjoy it more when the author paces himself and doesn't rush through things quickly. Also, the character of Rachel seemed too accepting too quickly of everything Matt tells her at the end... I can't decide if this is because she knows something, OR if the author wants you to think that she trusts wholeheartedly in what Matt says so much that she will go along with and believe anything. I don't really know what to think. The characterization of Rachel wasn't very developed in my opinion. Matt and Andy are really the only characters you learn much about. I'm curious as to why. Not a bad read, quite entertaining, I would read the rest of the series. less
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Nice, entertaining short story to introduce readers to "The Dead Man" series.
Not great, but entertaining enough.
So many questions....on to book 2!
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