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Rückkehr Nach Somerton Court (2013)

by Leila Rasheed(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
3596196892 (ISBN13: 9783596196890)
FISCHER Taschenbuch
At Somerton
review 1: This book had a very Downtown Abbey feel to it. There were a lot of characters in this with all of the household staff that occasionally I found myself asking who someone was and trying to remember if we liked him or her or not. Due to the lifestyle choices of some in the book I wouldn't recommend this to any looking for a good wholesome historical read. That being said, I'm looking forward to the next installment!
review 2: The description other reviewers have used is spot-on: Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl. The villains are super mean, the heroes are super sweet, people fall in love instantly and forever, the drama is non-stop, women's rights and the colonization of India are thrown in now and then for a little seriousness, but mostly it's scandal, sca
... morendal, scandal. And that's exactly what some people want to read sometimes--it's a perfect example of that genre. There's no wasting time on things like building well-rounded characters or setting scenes. There's more juicy scandal to be told at breakneck speed! less
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Cotton candy literature - light, sweet, fluffy, pretty and without much substance.
Light, fluffy, and sometimes absurd teen-version of Downtown Abbey.
Ich finds toll, gerade WEIL es wie Downton Abbey ist :)
So fluffy, so much fun.
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