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The Secret's In The Sauce (Center Point Christian Fiction (2009)

by Linda Evans Shepherd(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
1602853762 (ISBN13: 9781602853768)
Center Point Large Print
Potluck Catering Club
review 1: Actually it was better than I thought it would be, but to me it didn't have much of a plot. It had a point and a good one, but not much of a plot. But it was very readable and the characters are flawed just like all of us, even though they are Christians. It was nice to read a Christian story where all is not perfect. I actually give it 3 1/2 stars. I may read more of the series, but I am more into the mystery stories. It did have some good-sounding recipes at the back.
review 2: I played a bit of catch-up with this book, as I read the next one in the series before this one. That said, it's a fairly quick read and nice to see what I'd kind of missed. Yes, as the title alludes, they all have secrets. One of the worst of the secrets is probably Lisa Leann's secr
... moreet: for someone whom came in all hoity-toity in the first book, she's been proven more than once to be a flawed human, and probably more likeable. Now, Lizzie probably had the worst secret, but it seemed underdeveloped and rushed in the story. I've liked the growth of Donna overall, when it is focused on more than just the tug and pull between the two men in her life. I was left still scratching my head about the dropped lawsuit story, but the new abuse storyline is interesting and helps; and helped her in developing her aforementioned personal relationships with the guys. Overall, fine...like the others. less
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Potluck Catering Company starts with shower for Lizzy's daughter, Michelle. Fun read.
Looks as though I might have this in paperback as well as Kindle.
Waste of time. Perhaps that's why it was a free ebook.
Witty reading with yummy recipes at the end.
Fun book.
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