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Why Men Lie. By Linden Macintyre (2012)

by Linden MacIntyre(Favorite Author)
3.35 of 5 Votes: 4
0224096958 (ISBN13: 9780224096959)
Jonathan Cape
The Cape Breton Trilogy
review 1: I give this a two because I find MacIntyres writing easy to read. I do not like this story. Effie, to me, is a self indulgent women whose trials and tribulations become a little tedious. Things that happen to her seem to be blamed on the men she grows up with, meets, or just spends time with. It seems to me that she herself is no treat. I remember Uncle Jack warning John not to go near her (in the Long Stretch). I think Jack was right. I feel that although this book is part of a trilogy it can be given a miss. The other two are worth a look.
review 2: I really tried to get into this book and enjoy it. But I just couldn't relate to the characters or care much about their relationships. The story is so fragmented that it takes too much work to piece ever
... moreything together into a coherent timeline. It may have helped to have read the prequels in the series. The allusions to childhood abuse without any clear explanation turned me right off. I get it, it's horrific and awful, but it's seriously time for authors to find some other way to invoke sympathy for their characters. This has been done to death. As to why men lie.... Everybody lies! less
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To be honest I found this book too slow and plodding.....did not enjoy at all!
Not as captivating as the Bishop's Man, but a good read nonetheless.
Brilliant story-telling.
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