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Trust Your Eyes (2012)

by Linwood Barclay(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 2
0451237900 (ISBN13: 9780451237903)
NAL Hardcover
review 1: Trust Your Eyes is the first Linwood Barclay book I have read. I felt it started off strong with a good hook -- the story of two brothers -- Thomas, suffering from schizophrenia but under a doctor's care who is map-obsessed, never leaves the house and uses a computer program called Whirl360 to travel the globe electronically and memorize all the streets of the world; and his brother, Ray, a successful freelance illustrator. Ray returns home after his father's accidental death and help get affairs in order. During that visit Thomas find a frozen image on Whirl360 that appears to show a murder in process. The book then jumps to a colorful cast of characters that show how the murder that appears on Whirl360 came to be. As an aside, Ray is unsure if his father's death was... more an accident and worries there is more to it than meets the eye, while beginning a sort of romance with a local newspaper reporter that he remembers from his high school days. The story holds together well for the first half of the book, jumping from Ray and his brother to the murder that was frozen in time on Whirl360 and the cover up that followed. Some suspension of belief in such books is always necessary but halfway through the book, it jumped the shark. I had to roll my eyes and skim for a bit. It managed to get back on track at the end, but never really recaptured what might have been. It sorely lacked tight editing although it was pretty well written and an easy read. Barclay has a style that keeps the pages turning and you, as the reader, wanting to read a page or two more. That's a real plus in an author. I will try another Barclay novel and hope for sharper editing and plot.
review 2: To put it simply, this is a superb suspense novel from start to finish. The main character lends himself perfectly to the mystery of the story. There are some brilliant twists which you never see coming. There are times where you feel really satisfied that you know where the story is going, like you've got one up on the author and then he reveals something that knocks you back - that's the skill of a great suspense writer - to hook you in so you have to keep reading and guessing. The ending is just incredibly clever too. less
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Oh my gosh, if you like thrillers...you must read this one. Excellent book and five stars!!!!
Enjoyable read but not nearly as page turning as No Time for Goodbye.
not sure what it was about it but I loved it! difficult to put down
Interesting premise, but a little too far fetched.
My new favorite author. Good stuff.
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