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The Sky Beneath My Feet (2013)

by Lisa Samson(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 3
159554545X (ISBN13: 9781595545459)
Thomas Nelson
review 1: It didn't have a lot of content. Easy read, finished in an afternoon. Characters were not particularly relateable or interesting to me, and they could have been more developed. I did like the ending that showed the people instead of being worried about how they looked to everyone else, they changed their focus to what they can do for the people they had been looking down upon before. Faith without works is dead. Being in a garage doesn't make you a car, being in a church doesn't make you a Christian, or a good person even. Don't bother reading this book, but go find something to do for someone who needs it.
review 2: While I have loved almost all of the author's books, I did not like this one. It seemed like a poorly done repackaging of her book Quaker Summer.
... moreSo much of the book seemed to say that Christians should be content with helping in a purely physical way and not sharing their faith at all (the disdain for the Jesus fish and lady who was upset over various culture problems; the elevation of Miss Hannah, who was described as not interested in telling people how to be saved but just wanting to patch wounds, etc). Lots of "here's the problem with the whole church" and not much humility in her main character. I highly recommend reading some of her other books (Quaker Summer, Embrace Me, Church Ladies) instead. less
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A good "finding yourself" book. I enjoy her writing style. Makes you feel like part of the story.
A five star review for "The Sky Beneath My Feet" by Lisa Samson! ~ Get your copy today!
A lot deeper than I would have thought. Interesting characters, interesting story
I think this book is written for Christian moms.
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