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The Bridge From Me To You (2014)

by Lisa Schroeder(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 4
0545646014 (ISBN13: 9780545646017)
review 1: I don't like sappy boy-girl novels.I liked this one. Intriguing from page one. Football player crushing the mold to be an individual. Keeps you guessing why the girl is in trouble. Lovely prose/poetry contrast (not real rhyming kind of poetry though; very loose). And I like the bridges.MC: teenage romance novel; cheerleader alludes to being quite 'available'; teenage drinking but designated driver included
review 2: I was confused with why Lauren moved to live with her aunt and uncle. For some reason I thought her brother and mother had died. I think this book could have been written more clearly. I thought through the story that she may have caused her bother or mother to pass away. Her going to therapy and not wanting to talk about what happened made her st
... moreory turn out to be less dramatic than I was expecting. This book is a bit confusing for me. less
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Un libro muy lindo y dulce. Una bonita historia de dos jóvenes que encuentran algo digno de cuidar.
I loved this book! A terrific, heartfelt, funny, and clean YA! Highly recommended.
This was very Hallmark Channel/Disney Channel movie-y.
Great romance.
Awesome !
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