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Winters In Bloom, The: A Novel (2011)

by Lisa Tucker(Favorite Author)
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1455819468 (ISBN13: 9781455819461)
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review 1: Winters in Bloom by Lisa Tucker is a heartwarming story about family, fear, and secrets. Michael is not just the apple of his parents eye, he is the star in their galaxy, their greatest treasure. They are happier than they ever thought possible and that scares them. Something might go wrong. Kyra and David are obsessive about keeping Michael safe. If he sneezes he will be off to the doctors. School is just too dangerous, after trying several pre-schools they decide home schooling is the only safe option. This kid is protected, or should we say way over protected. Realizing they might be slightly out of control (more like obsessively in control) they are starting to let Michael have a few minutes outside in the yard. Their worst fears are realized when someone snatc... morehes the child. Kyra and David thought they could escape the past, now it is time to reveal their secrets and face their demons. Michael is certain his ex-wife has Michael. Kyra fears her family. They feared their happiness would shatter and their worst nightmare has come true. Michael is an adorable kid, and David and Kyra mean well. The characters are vulnerable, interesting, and flawed.
review 2: Lisa Tucker's books never disappoint. The characters are always relatable, interesting, and compelling. Her stories generally involve a bit of mystery as she explores family dynamics and how often we mess them up in the name of love and trying to do what we think is the right thing. "The Winters in Bloom" is the story of David and Kyra, two damaged individuals who find each other and strive to make a life that rights past wrongs, mostly by burying those events under the proverbial rug. What neither wants to confront is that often those past wrongs must be brought into the open and dealt with for the present and future to truly be a place of peace. Forced by the mysterious disappearance of their son Michael to open up and admit their regrets and mistakes, the Winters find the strength to let go of the past and forgive themselves for their actions. Once freed from the burdens they've secretly carried for so long, healing begins as David and Kyra begin living beyond the careful, illusory boundaries they once believed kept them and their son safe. less
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Riveting, but somewhat depressing.
Good through the last page!!!
It was ok, 2.5 stars for me.
SO good so far!
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