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Larkspur Cove (2011)

by Lisa Wingate(Favorite Author)
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0764208217 (ISBN13: 9780764208218)
Bethany House Publishers
Moses Lake
review 1: Lisa Wingate weaves an enchanting and beautiful tale, filled with everything from the witty and insightful sayings written on the wall of the bait, tackle, and Diner by the lake, to the old geezers playing checkers and watching the lake, and the 2 little neighbor girls with their lemonade stand.a young City girl, fresh from a faith shattering divorce of her Preacher husband, Andrea is a solo parent dealing with her confused, rebellious teen son. They struggle to pick up the pieces of their lives, and back in her childhoodsafe haven, life brings them back to the old summer home, and her high society-smothering upper crust Mother... As she struggles to break out of her own comfort zone, deal with her stressful new career in child protective services, and a suddenly rebellio... moreus son, she must find the way back to God and her much shaken faith. Enter Mart McClenden, a Game Warden struggling to forgive himself of his own tragic mistakes of the past. From their first clash of Over-Protective Parent versus jaded, Weary Game warden," to a mutual attraction as they start to understand each other, and themselves,they find they are partners in a race to protect a mysterious little girl, and the old man she lives with. Their race leads them searching for God, grace, and a healing, for their personal lives in a broken and dangerous world.
review 2: Second chances is a prevailing theme in Lisa Wingate’s latest offering, Larkspur Cove. As a recent divorcee, Andrea Henderson and her fourteen year old son return to hometown ties to start over; however, Andrea finds this is tough to do since she must contend with living off her parent’s smothering good graces while balancing the demands of her new job and being a single mother of a somewhat rebellious teen. When her paths cross with Mart McClendon, the local game warden, a tentative working alliance occurs concerning one of Andrea‘s cases. Mart struggling with his own past hurts, is ready to go beyond a professional relationship, yet Andrea is unsure she is ready to confront her feelings towards commitment so soon. As their wounded pasts intersect, Andrea and Mart begin to understand the meaning of redemption.Lyrical writing, romance, mystery, and a vacillating viewpoint provide an intriguing variation of overcoming past hurts to embrace possibilities of the present. Wingate’s writing often illuminates how everyday people lose and gain their faith due to various circumstances. Although Andrea’s voice is not as distinctive as Mart’s, readers are able to experience both sides of the story through the alternating point of view. The chapter headings add a satisfying dimension to the story, and they become a signpost for the chapter emphasis. Readers familiar with Melody Carlson novels of small town life will appreciate Wingate’s style. less
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This was a good book. I enjoyed the story line and the characters involved.
I loved it! Can hardly wait to read the next one in the series!
Thoroughly enjoyed this book!
A little too predictable.
A good book
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