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Stuart Horten - Acht Münzen Und Eine Magische Werkstatt (2012)

by Lissa Evans(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 2
Stuart Horten
review 1: READERS: Strong readers grades 2+, typically for grades 4-6, a quick read for older readersStuart moves to his father's hometown and finds a clue left behind decades ago by his missing uncle, a magician. Stuart and his next-door neighbor have to track down clue after clue before they're removed forever in an effort to uncover his great uncle's mysterious disappearance. RECOMMENDED by Kate
review 2: This was a cute, quick read about a boy in search of his missing great-uncle, a magician who had mysteriously disappeared years ago. Horten's family just moved to a new town during the summer and Horten doesn't have any friends yet. His dad, a crossword puzzle writer, is a practical and intellectual man, who seems to care more about writing puzzles than solving them.
... more As a result, Horten is on his own to discover the mystery behind his great-uncle's disappearance in hopes of finding a connection with someone that shares the same level of curiosity and thirst for mystery / puzzle-solving that he has.Overall, a cute book. I thought there could've been a little more build-up to some of the puzzles that were solved as sometimes, Horten just seems to suddenly "realize" the answer. less
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en fin blandning av mysterier, magi och nutid.
Started out better than it finished.
enjoyable; very appealing character
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