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Midnight Thief (2014)

by Livia Blackburne(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 2
1423176383 (ISBN13: 9781423176381)
Midnight Thief
review 1: Buzzwords: Thievery, assassins, beast-people, loyalty, family, poverty, death, corrupt government.Read about half and then skimmed the rest...interesting premise but disappointing execution. I did not feel connected to any of the characters - they were never fully rounded out; the plot was somewhat choppy/not as smooth as it should have been, especially around the seams of where the different POVs connected, and I felt some issues were raised that were not addressed fully/satisfactorily, I didn't believe in the relationships because they didn't feel real...Basically, I think this book needed a few more drafts. Or possibly I was not the proper audience for it.
review 2: The book "Midnight Thief" was an exceptional book that I encourage all others to read and lov
... moree as well. The two main characters ,Kyra and Tristam meet in un-expected conditions. They end up needing each others help to survive. Kyra was formerly a part of a group called the assasins guild, and it is now coming back to her. She must keep her friends and family safe at all cost. Butcan she trust Tristam to help her? Will she save them in time? Or will it be too late? Find out by reading this book...TODAY less
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Waste of money. Nine dollars...NINE DOLLARS. For that. UGH!!!It wasn't worth the money!
Umm, there is a red head named Rand? I'm all for homage but that's just a bit creepy.
Will definitely read the second in the series.
it was really really good!
3.5 stars
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