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Stjerner Over Cornwall (2013)

by Liz Fenwick(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 2
Cappellen Damm
review 1: Overall it is a well written book. It is predictable of course but there were one or two surprises for sure. However I had an issue with both the main characters Maddie and Hannah. I don't know if we are suppose to feel sorry for Hannah but I actually hated her and never ended up liking her. I couldn't believe her attitude and that Maddie would allow that. As well, Maddie's constant thinking instead of saying what she is thinking bothered me as well. However the relationships these characters had with the other characters in the book were so real that it made up for it. It actually makes me want to go visit Cornwall one day :)
review 2: I absolutely loved this many-layered book. This is a far more in-depth novel than the usual romantic novel. Recently widow
... moreed Madded moves to the beautiful but badly-in-need-of-repair house of the title. But who is her mysterious benefactor and how is Maddie related to her? Slowly the layers are revealed; teenage stepdaughter Hannah's fear of being abandoned which she hides behind a wall of stroppiness; Maddie's own guilty secret and, as an adoptee, her search for her own roots. Hero Mark has his own problems to overcome before he and Maddie can get together. All the characters are well-defined and totally believable. And, of course, the house itself, with its own secrets, plays a major role. Looking forward to reading Liz's next book A Cornish Affair. less
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this book was tedious I really could not relate to any of the characters
An easy summer read. Romantic depiction of Cornish life!
Opinião em breve :)
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