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If Sons, Then Heirs: A Novel (2011)

by Lorene Cary(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 5
145161022X (ISBN13: 9781451610222)
Atria Books
review 1: Wonderful characters and an interesting perspective on a seldom talked about topic. The only reason this only gets 4 stars is that with flashbacks, alternate perspectives, many characters and a fair amount of legal discussion, the plot can sometimes become muddied and require re-reading to make sure you are following along. I absolutely loved Rayne and his family, however, and they kept me reading to the very end.
review 2: I loved Cary when I read The Price of a Child - everyone must read that book. When If Not Sons hit the market I was excited. Unforuntately, I did not enjoy this story as much - probably because I like historical subjects and this novel was set in contemporary Philly and North Carolina. The upside to this story was that family ties and decisi
... moreons made in good conscience of a particular time have linger effects that impact future generations. So there was a smidgen of history. The issue of inheritance and true love come through and made me question my own legacy, inheritance and sense of family. Overall, a stimulating read - with humor, wit, a little sex and bit too much cussin'. less
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A great story. Well written. Definitely for adults. I'm not sure that teens would relate to this.
a beautiful and moving african-american of hope, loss and forgiveness and love.
good read about the migration of blacks to the northem and western states
Reviewed for Library Journal.
Great read.
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