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The Sweethearts' Knitting Club (2009)

by Lori Wilde(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 3
006180889X (ISBN13: 9780061808890)
Twilight, Texas
review 1: It's fairly obvious that the author of The Sweetheart's Knitting Club is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls. Not only is the town of Twilight a Texas-style version of Stars' Hallow, the townspeople choose to have fund raisers straight out of the TV show. Unfortunately, the main character is no Loralie Gilmore. Flynn is really rather pathetic and needy. She lacks the backbone to stand up for anything, particularly if it might make someone look badly on her. Flynn is also a user. I enjoy Lori Wilde's writing, but Flynn was not a character that readers could feel any connection to, or sympathy.
review 2: Nice, contemporary romance set in a fictitious small town in Texas. Because it is the start to a series, we are introduced to all the quirky towns people and told
... moretheir history. Flynn is the heart and soul of the town. She has taken care of her family after her mother died and her father was an alcoholic. She takes care of everyone. She hold a monthly knitting group at her house even though she can't knit and she has plans to open a knitting store all because this was what her mother wanted for her. She also dates the Sheriff of the county and has for the past 10 years even though she won't marry him. But everyone expects her to. But hold on, the town bad boy is about to get out of prison, after being sent their by the Sheriff, and come back to town. There's some heat to this story, and the characters and the town are all likeable, the only problem with this story is that Flynn is not terribly likeable.She is so weak willed and it's a trifle icky to think of her dating one guy for 10 years while pining after another. But still a decent story and enjoyable. less
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Charming romance
very touching
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