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Najveća Ljubavna Priča Svih Vremena (2012)

by Lucy Robinson(Favorite Author)
3.85 of 5 Votes: 5
Znanje, Zagreb
review 1: If I have read this book before The Passionate Love Affair with a stranger, I would be giving this a five star and be all giddy and smiley by the end of it but I wasn't, Why? It's not that it's a bad read, it's just that I've read it before. Almost the same plot and characters as well. The story was too familiar cause I've finished her 2nd book before I braved myself on reading her debut novel. A major percentage of the story is similar with it. Nonetheless I enjoyed reading it just not as much as the second book.
review 2: Really liked it for its sheer energy. This was a book that drove the reader, making them laugh and bite their fingernails until the very last page. I loved the wit, the crudity, the situational comedy, the characters--- yep it was a very goo
... mored book. Others have given details of the story so I won't repeat - but it's basically the story of understanding what 'to love' really means. Yes, the conclusion was predictible despite the attempt to muddy the water, but that didn't make it any the less enjoyable. I think it made me see some of the advantages of writing in the first person - I might have to try it! less
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"Anything you want in life is usually right under your nose... you just got to see it"
Really good... the first few chapters dragged a little.
Loved it! Witty, hilarious!
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