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Verliebt In Einen Unbekannten (2014)

by Lucy Robinson(Favorite Author)
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3442480124 (ISBN13: 9783442480128)
review 1: Hello, Charleypops! It's been a hilarious moment of reading experience during drowning into your witty love story. I felt kind of being your victim of the your roller coaster story. It's shameful and sometimes too naughty. But when I came to the part of contemplation about meaning of perfect life, I stunned to the fact that Charleypops is actually a woman who surrounding in my life. She is not a character of fiction anymore. The whole body and mind is full of hopes that somehow become a dangerous trap. But it's happened or if we don't want to say actually is moment of life of every women in the world. Thanks for amusing my day, anyway, Chasmonger! Keep going...
review 2: I'm a total sucker for romantic comedies, but given that I've consumed a ridiculous volume
... moreof media in the genre, I'm constantly searching for creative new approaches to the standard (and tired) plot and characters. Robinson introduces an unusual protagonist in Charley, who, though completely unrealistically driven and type A, is far more exciting that the average manic pixie dream girls or clumsy leggy blondes that generally inhabit rom coms. However, it feels like Robinson had very little structure in mind when wiring the novel, and then proceeded to cut very little during editing. It drags on far longer than seems necessary and I lost interest in the major romantic relationship before it had even truly begin. If you're like me, and you've already devoured most of the big-name stuff in the rom com section (Kinsella, Giffen, etc.), then go for this for a light read, but if not, there's far better out there. less
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Good read, lots of drama and twists. would recommend however, seems a bit of an abrupt end.
I enjoyed this book, was easy to get into and I liked the characters. Good holiday read.
An ok fun read but I found the coincidences a bit far-fetched.
Really good xx
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