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A Fatal Likeness (2013)

by Lynn Shepherd(Favorite Author)
3.32 of 5 Votes: 5
0345532449 (ISBN13: 9780345532442)
Delacorte Press
Charles Maddox
review 1: Well. I read this all the way through. And kudos to the levels of research done by Shepherd, she worked hard to make this tale breathe. But I found it incredibly depressing. The Percy Shelly/Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly saga never seemed more ugly than as it is portrayed here. I actually felt exhausted by the end of the book at the number of dead children, and descriptions of Shelly's madness, and the portrayal of Mary's possible manipulations. This is just a fiction book, a mystery that uses real people as a backdrop, but it ended up changing my opinions about those real characters in several ways. And I am not sure I enjoyed the fictional detective Maddox enough to read any more of him, and his uncle. Will think about it.
review 2: I was not going to wri
... morete anything until I had looked up a biography of Shelley and Mary Godwin Stonewollcroft Shelley. But I found this so-called mystery so confusing. A detective, whose uncle is a detective, is hired to find some papers belonging to the poet Shelley's family. Everyone is so emotional and hysterical, I long for them all to go to an al-anon meeting. Was I reading current events or a flash back ? Did someone die, was it a murder or a suicide or a natural death? Do I care? less
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Laborious and very strong accusations against major personalities in the book.
Byron and the Shelleys and murder and mayhem, oh my. What's not to like?
Pretty interesting mystery- historical fiction, with lots of intrigue.
Too confusing and convoluted. Weird and distracting writing style.
Wow, great fact(?)fiction story. Loved it.
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