This inside/outside full Moon’s got me running for my life

At the Forefront of the Moon in cancer while the sun is in Capricorn, we’d better expect to get inside our skin to look outside at our selves.  When it comes to work ethic and family life, a Capricorn will go to just about any length in order to make sure it’s comfortable and secure just to make sure it will be the same while back in its own little shell. Cancer is the perfect place for that Capricorn to curl up into at the end of the day. These opposites definitely attract! 
As a cancer rising with a Capricorn Moon I have a lot of personal ties to this time of the year. Not only is it the beginning of a new year, but for me it always seems to bring my realization to what I’m not doing or am doing to make my insides and outsides better. Over 2017 I’ve been going on and off again with reaching towards my goals and making them happen, but of course, being comfortable is always easier than being uncomfortable which often leads me to going backwards into my comforter rather than getting out to feel better on the inside.
But I couldn’t deny it any longer, after starting to do dog walks more often and getting outside, I noticed my body felt better, my skin looked better, and overall My Mind felt better! And then of course,  the holidays happened. Although this year was nowhere like previous years before had me, I still regressed back into semi Comfort induced coma mixed with a little depression and over consumption of chocolate. That was until I notice exactly what I was doing and feeling! (Ah ha!) And what better to get back into your emotions then a cancer Moon slamming you in the face and saying ” I’m inside here, bitch!”
So this year I didn’t buy any new fancy running clothes, because I’ve already done that. I didn’t go out and get new Sneakers (though I really would like some new ones)  I put on my old hiking shoes and said “this will be enough!”  And then last night when I got home, I least my dog and took a 30 minute Run for the first time in a very…  long…  time…
So what can you ask yourself “What would make my insides work better? What can I do for my outsides that would help this along? How am I treating my career? My family?  My relationships?” 
I, personally, did my dishes,  cleaned my toilet,  and then went for a run. All of these things helped make me feel a little bit better today. And even when I didn’t want to get out and run after I dropped my kid off, it’s so easy just to take my dog for a walk around the park, I did it anyways because I know if I focus on how I feel, everything else will be better on the outside.

So what’s your “I don’t want to but I know it’s worth it” thing this year? I’d love to hear it.
Cheers, ~ A

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