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Louisiana Ghost Story (2013)

by M.A. Harper(Favorite Author)
3.27 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Why the author changed the name on this from The Year of Things Past to Louisiana Ghost Story I have no idea. But it still sucked! This story had promise but the author never brought it together. The story goes fine for the first half of the book but fails miserably in the second half of the book. The logic doesn't hold water, the dots are not connected, it's not well told. Very disappointing! Embarrassed to have Louisiana's name on it!
review 2: Here's a book review on M.A. Harper's novel, "Louisiana Ghost Story." It's available on Kindle. Annette and I have been friends for many years. Her writing is amazing! In an era that pours out zombie or vampire stories du jour, it's refreshing to sit down and read an old-fashioned ghost story. Much like sitting a
... moret an old wooden bar and imbibing traditional cocktails with a twist of lime or onions or olives rather than sugary swill while suffering on an over-crowded cruise.Traditional cocktails are fine mixtures of taste, texture and collected memories best savored with sips, conversation and the knowledge that our reality and resulting stories are best told with devotion to context, foreshadowing, mixed (sometimes shaken) with the never-ending glimpse of the unknown, though ever sought after snippet of other worldly things, spirits and lost loved ones.Enter M.A. Harper's masterpiece, "Louisiana Ghost Stories."Harper, author of "The Worst Day of My Life, So Far," a harrowing and detailed account of parental Alzheimer's, places her readers into contemporary New Orleans where we meet newly weds Phil Randazzo and his widowed wife Michelle and children from previous marriages. On the surface, not a bad way to enter the next phase of life.Remember, we're in New Orleans. A city and culture with a refined distinction for meandering streets and stories, well-developed personalities (known and unknown), marvelous legends and myths few American cities can imitate, much less claim. The city is breath-taking in its natural and man-made beauty, though the essence of the community reminds us that all we are witnessing is transcendental and can disappear by force of nature or the paranormal.Slipping in and out of their lives is the otherworldly spirit of Michelle's late husband, A.S. Savoie. I won't divulge any additional details of the story; however, Harper's use of language, character development and literary pacing mixes a complex and delightful literary cocktail spilling readers onto the edge of their seats from the first pour til the closing page.The messages of this book are thought provoking, frightening, mixing ingredients for readers to savor: what is life? Why are we contacted by loved-ones who have passed on? And why are the vagaries of visitations so widely disparaging?Sip, don't gulp "Louisiana Ghost Stories." Hell, step away for a day or two to let the story ruminate in your mind. Then return, thirsty for more. And sip a while longer.You won't be disappointed. less
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The ghost story is pretty good, the dialogue is really difficult to believe sometimes.
Not a scary ghost story at all. Very good story line! Enjoyed the book a lot !
A little slow in places and but when it gets rolling, a very enjoyable read!
Wow! What a great read. Loved it.
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