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Bright Island (1937)

by Mabel Louise Robinson(Favorite Author)
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0394909860 (ISBN13: 9780394909868)
Random House Children's Books
review 1: I read this one weekend morning in bed under a feather quilt with a coffee cup at my side all in one go and I think that it might just be the ideal way to read it. I think this book would have been magic when I was young because it was still pretty magical now, reading it for the first time. Girl grows up on remote Maine Island, goes to boarding school, encounters love and friendship etc etc. - like Anne of Green Gables crossed with Linda Greenlaw. So cozy. And I suggest the new reedition with the original illustrations, lovely.
review 2: Thankful Curtis loves her life on Bright Island. She is happy to help her father on the farm and even happier sailing the sea like her grandfather before her. Thankful is devastated when her interfering yet well-intentioned
... moresisters-in-law decide she needs some formal schooling on the mainland. She has an incredibly hard time fitting in with her classmates and teachers. She tries her best to adjust though her heart and thoughts are always on Bright Island. This delightful coming-of-age story won a Newbery honor in 1938 and is still a treasure to read today. The characters are fabulous and Thankful's world is a pleasant diversion. less
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Truly a children's classic though I had never heard of it until recently re-published.
Newberry Winner- I enjoyed the imagery and would love to live on an island!
Reminds me a bit of Anne of Green Gables
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