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Dream Of Danger (2013)

by Maggie Shayne(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 1
Harlequin MIRA
review 1: Rachel De Luca and Mason Brown are stepping back and taking a break from their relationship when Rachel's assistant, Amy, goes missing. Amy and her latest boyfriend were on their way to her family home for Thanksgiving. Amy's mother called looking for her, saying Amy had never shown up. Rachel is suspicious of the boyfriend, Mel, since she really didn't like him when she met him. Soon she is calling Mason asking for his help in finding Amy.This short story is a nice follow-up to "Sleep With the Lights On". Although it's only 67 pages long, the characters are well developed and the story never lets up. My rating: 4 Stars.
review 2: 4 STARS "She may have been blind for twenty years, but Rachel's always had an uncanny gift for seeing through people - and sh
... moree distrusts her assistant's new boyfriend at first sight. Amy isn't interested in Rachel's misgivings, though. She's too eager to celebrate Thanksgiving by introducing her family to the new man in her life.Then Amy doesn't show up for the holiday....Desperate to find her missing friend, Rachel has no choice but to turn to Mason. Their investigation into Amy's disappearance takes them ever deeper into danger - and reignites the attraction that they've both sworn to resist. Now it's a race against time as these reluctant partners fight to stave off passion and save a life." (From Amazon)I enjoyed this novella but of course I wish it was a full-length novel. Great writing and characters. less
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Ok, novella should have given me a clue. Read more of these and I'll rack up a "book" a day
awesome. love this series!
Short and sweet!
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