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Zombiestan (2011)

by Mainak Dhar(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 4
Severed Press
review 1: A new take on the Zombie apocalypse , “Zombiestan” follows a group of survivors as they make their way to through India facing a new type of zombie (I won’t spoil it here). It has plenty of action and is a fun read but I didn't feel myself connecting with the characters for some reason. Maybe it was the feeling that some of the interactions with the characters were a bit hokey (be the man I always wanted you to be) but it was a solid read none the less. Not the best Zombie book I’ve ever read but certainly not bad. A solid middle of the road book.
review 2: Wow! What a mindblowing fast paced ride! Beyond the well crafted characters and imaginative scenes, the glue that kept me magnetized continuously throughout this book was the poignant human inter
... moreaction between vastly different characters. I was fascinated by the way Mr. Dhar has created unexpected human connection between strangers and particularly during such a highly stressful time. His colorful array of characters find a way into your heart. This has been a real treat, because I was initially hesitant to commit to a zombie novel. However, Mainak Dhar's wordsmithery has converted this zombie nonbeliever into a zombie addict! A very timely read considering the current climate of terror of terrorists, nicely mixed together with a refreshing zombie twist! less
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Surprisingly touching but the plot was disturbing and so were the grammatical errors.
I enjoyed this book, and liked the different take this writer had on the Zombies.
Boring, is all I can say.
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