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Vražedné Léto (2007)

by Mari Jungstedt(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 5
Kniha Zlín
Anders Knutas
review 1: I love Swedish mysteries and this one by Mari Jungstedt does not disappoint. I loved reading it and hated to put it down.Karin Jacobsson is the acting deputy superintendent of the Gotland Police department because her boss, Anders Knutas, is on vacation in Denmark. While she is in charge, a murder takes place on Faro Island. A man by the name of Peter Bovide is shot once in the head and several times in the abdomen while out for an early morning jog. Interestingly, the weapon used is an old Russian army pistol from the 1920's. For a few weeks prior to the murder, he had the feeling that he was being followed and had also received anonymous phone calls and threats. The murder is very vicious and appears personal. However, the police have no leads and don't know where... more to turn for answers. Will the killer strike again?Johan Berg is a regional journalist who is struggling with his personal life as he tries to report on the murder. He and his ex-fiancee have been estranged for a few years and Johan wants nothing more than to get back with Emma. They have a child together but Emma blames him for a situation that occurred in a previous novel when she felt that he put their daughter, Elin, at too much risk. The back story about Johan is very interesting.Shortly after the murder, Anders Knutas cuts short his vacation and returns to work. Karin more than a little upset about this because she wanted to handle this investigation on her own. Anders' return makes her feel like he doesn't trust her not to mess up. However, they try to resolve things. Anders confides a lot in Karin but Karin keeps her personal life close to her chest and does not share anything with others.Is the murder a result of something to do with Peter's work, his hiring of illegal workers, or is their more to his life that the police just are not privy to yet. The book professes very well in short chapters that follow different characters as it leads to a riveting denouement.The book provides a wonderful peak at a country that I hope to visit one day, especially the rural areas of Faro Island and Gotska Sandon.
review 2: A suspenseful book that will have you wondering who did it until the very end. A father is brutally murdered while taking a jog along the beach, on vacation. There are next to no leads when another man is murdered in the same way. The police begin piecing together the clues but can they track the killer down before anyone else is killed?This book was hard to put down and suspenseful. It kept me wondering until the very end who the killer was. I love how the book is shown through several different points of view. I also like how everything ties together at the end. I really like Karin Jacobson who finally got the lead on a big investigation. She is committed to her job and is good at it. I really like that the author got into the lives of the characters so the reader can really connect. I really enjoyed this book and would be interested in reading more from this author.I received a copy of this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. less
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Nice effort in the series by Jungstedt, less so for the mystery and more for her character studies.
Not entirely convinced by this - despite my scanlit crime passion...
Not my favorite of hers but the twist at the end was good.
Loved it.
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