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Rise Of The DEO: Leadership By Design (2013)

by Maria Giudice(Favorite Author)
3.77 of 5 Votes: 4
0321934393 (ISBN13: 9780321934390)
New Riders Publishing
review 1: A very weak leadership book, pandering to designer's fragile self-esteem. The book talks about general qualities of modern leaders but paints those qualities as something unique to designers. As a designer and leader I was very disappointed in the book. I found the insight thin and basically pandering to the ego of the designer as if they were truly unique. The truth is great leaders possess all of these skills even when their background has nothing to do with design.
review 2: What a breath of fresh air. After so many books on leadership re-hashing the same old model, The Rise of the DEO speaks of leadership that can move and influence in ways that are changing the world. This book speaks of ways to lead a group that can grow and respond in our ever chan
... moreging world, a leader that allows others to bring more of themselves to the table and help them become great leaders themselves. less
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Quick, easy read with a lot of actionable advice for becoming a design leader.
Affirming read about design thinking and emerging corporate leadership
A great read written by my friend Maria Giudice.
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