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The Sweetest Kiss (2000)

by Marie Higgins(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
Brothers of Worthington
review 1: This was a good clean book, with some sexual tension. At first I thought Judith the heroine would be one of those overly head strong, big mouth heroines that I can’t stand…she started out that way but she eventually lightened up towards the middle. The storyline was actually good up until the end. It’s nice to have a good romance and some suspense…nice combo. I adored Lord Hawthorne aka Dominic. I would like to read his story. The only issue I did have with this book was the ending…I actually won’t give any spoilers away this time because it’s a suspense book as well as romance…but I saw the ending coming a mile away….
review 2: I barely ever write reviews but I had too for this one. It has been a while since I read a good book until I came a
... morecross this. I didn't like the cover so much on amazon but I thought what the heck it's free. I ended up truly enjoying this book. From beginning to end it had my full attention. I actually read this in one day. The love story was so sweet and I loved both Judith and Trey. I rooted for them all the way. When they say never judge a book by it's cover they really mean it. I am glad I read this. If you want to laugh, cry and be swept away in love, then this is the book for you. less
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Great book!!!! I loved the whole story!! The characters were like real people. I would recommend it!
Awesome - this is a great author. She adds so much passion to her books without a lot of sex.
I thought it was a superb read and I loved the twist at the end.
Read in February of 2014 and again in may of 2014
Very enjoyable...The ending was abrupt.
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