The tiny hands and legs were like dew drops, soft and tender. She held them close to her heart. The sweetest form of love, where love was unconditional and will never fade away.

She held her tiny little fingers, caressing them and holding them with utmost care so that she doesn’t apply much pressure.The hands were too soft that, she was scared to hurt her. Her heart was beating faster. She felt like the whole world was in her baby.

She took her in her lap, to put her to sleep.

She knew it was tough, as the starry eyes were smiling at her giving the hint that “mama, am not going to sleep”.

She wanted to sing a lullaby but was scared she might not frighten her lil one with her sound.

She was unsure, whether her voice was the soothing one, as she never sang.

She looked at her baby, and smiled and pulled in as much as courage as she can, trying to recollect what song to sing, that might comfort her baby

She started humming, as she never knew the words.

To her surprise, she felt her baby was loving it, a smile was budding on her face.

She felt a spark of happiness in her soul because, in the whole world, it was her baby who is enjoying her voice for the first time.

She sang until she felt her heart was filled with joy and happiness.

her Lil bundle of joy slept peacefully, in the melancholy of her voice

She felt like crying out of joy.

She put her baby on to a bed and sat there admiring her.

She still kept humming, even though at one point she felt she was not good at it too.

Any mother’s lullaby is her love overflowing, in the form of a song.And for any child, that is the sweetest melody.

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