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The Madonna Of The Almonds (2009)

by Marina Fiorato(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
1905636431 (ISBN13: 9781905636433)
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review 1: What can I say? I love this author and I never fail to get a darned good read, a goodly amount of history, violence, lust, love, hate, passion and best of all, her stories always take place in Italy. Usually in the 1400's to 1600's so NOT the Italy I would like to have lived in, but in my mind, she is a weaver of a good yarn. I think this is the last left for me to read until she gets going on another. Interesting how she takes you from death on the battlefield, to the discovery and making of Amaretto.
review 2: A friend suggested all the books by this author and started me off with this one. I found it a big disappointment really. The story is set in Italy in the early 16th century and covers aspects of the Catholic churches persecution of Jews as well as the
... morelife of an artist called Bernardino Luini and the development of Amaretto di Saronno. It is told in a sort of mediaeval speech and I am sure that the factual aspects were well researched. But as a novel I found it lacking in depth and would probably be more suited to a younger person than I am. My big problem is how to avoid the other books without hurting her feelings! less
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Really enjoyed the book wonderful references to Italian church frescos and historic life in Italy
What a wonderful story woven around real people, I loved it, it was magical!
Fantastic book !! Keeps my attention all the time :) Beautiful !!
Easy to read, bitter sweet, romantic...
An amazing book from a amazing writer!
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