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Marvellous Hairy (2009)

by Mark A. Rayner(Favorite Author)
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Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink
review 1: The reader's point of entry is at a wedding in progress when once the officiation is over, the acting priest (a drug-addled psychologist ordained by an internet sect) calls out "release the monkeys!". From there, the chaotic tale refuses to forfeit its absurdist hi-jinx and scrambled episodes. The purposely decentered plot involves Nick Motbot, a surrealist novelist whose DNA is being altered by Gargantuan Enterprises so that he regresses to the level of a lower primate. Rayner's offhand and quirky narrative voice brings together elements of the absurd, Gonzo, and the everyday to form a simian melange of seemingly random events set in a purling textual fantasy. Although the story is fantastical, Rayner demonstrates the good balance of any fabulist: keeping the story at lea... morest partially coherent and plausible without compromising on the shock of the bizarre. Rayner eschews meandering description for more pithy renderings and succinct dialogue that moves the plot along at a steady, brisk pace. Rayner's second book is a vertiginous and free-wheeling narrative that brings satire to a juddering pitch, a meeting place between the absurd and the hilarious.One would have to Imagine "Flowers for Algernon" rewritten as a surrealist comedy, or a risible spoof of Will Self's Great Apes. Or, perhaps, Marvellous Hairy resolutely defies any attempt at comparison, appealing to the inner primate in all of us.
review 2: If you're a fan of Canadian humor, monkeys, lizards, sex, monkey sex, lizard sex, Shakespeare, satire, crime fiction, eccentric characters, ensemble comedies, or all of the above (as I am) then "Marvellous Hairy" is a book for you-oo-oo-oo!Here's just a few things this book offers:An evil corporation run by a megalomaniac bent on taking over the world - a starving writer who deals drugs and lets lecherous scientists shoot him full of a serum that is designed to de-evolve human DNA - a sexy vixen who may have slept her way to the top but is nonetheless smarter than every man in the company - a physician, who is also a minister, who is also a regular user of LSD, who is also well connected in the world of underground animal trading - vengeful ghosts - dunderheaded kidnappers - a savvy PR rep - a lesbian heiress - a beautiful drug store cashier - and a witty, charming narrator with a connection to the spirit world, a burning desire to protect his friends and score the girl of his dreams, and no inhibitions whatsoever when it comes to flaunting his goods to elderly neighbors.Mr. Rayner dances the tight rope between serious topics such as corporate greed and silly topics such as a monkey's love for everything banana. I highly recommend this book. less
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This was pretty much what I was looking for - something a little odd and a lot of fun.
Wow!!! I won this..... i can't believe it. I'm looking forward to reading it :D:D:D
Update - It just arrived and I'm excited to get it started.
Heaps of hooting monkey love for this!
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