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Food Matters: A Guide To Conscious Eating With More Than 75 Recipes (2008)

by Mark Bittman(Favorite Author)
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1416575642 (ISBN13: 9781416575641)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: Best diet book I have read in quite awhile, "best" in that I can actually follow it! I feel motivated! It's not just about the ethical considerations, decreasing your meat, sugar and fat intake: it's about finding ways to like the vegetables, the beans, the long-cooking grains that so many diet books advocate eating. That's a big word: motivation - because the bottom issue is about moving away from the mainstream culture, getting out of the supermarket, tuning out the advertising and getting into the kitchen to cook, getting out to the garden to pick food, going to the farmer's market to buy real food that you don't grow yourself. It's about effort and the payback is long-term. You want 6-pack abs and a model body tomorrow? Yes, you can juice and hit the gym but what... more about the rest of your life? You need to get on with it and this is a great place to read about the real issues and change your life. This will go up on my shelf (I'm buying my own copy new after reading it - best ringing endorsement ever!) somewhere between Michael Pollan and Veganomicon, for sure.
review 2: I love Mark Bittman. He simply and effectively explains the dual dangers of climate change and the obesity epidemic. But, instead of leaving you feeling as though all hope is lost, he goes through recommended dietary changes: eat less meat and eat more plants. In short, eat real food. He does this without being too rigid or hypocritical, and often with humor as well.While I haven't tried many of the recipes in the book, I imagine that they're delicious and I'll be getting to them soon.I will also be using his tip for buying food... Try to buy food with only one ingredient. Mark Bittman, you're the best. less
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Combination mellow manifesto and practical guidebook to "conscious eating." I'm a fan.
Very much an appeal to common sense perspective. I'm excited to try more recipes.
Most sensible book about eating well that I've read in a long time.
fuck this shit
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