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Uncertain Allies (2011)

by Mark Del Franco(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 1
0441020402 (ISBN13: 9780441020409)
Connor Grey
review 1: More awesome - I love Connor because he makes sense to me... He's petulant, childish and yet still cool :P In this one, I thought his relationship with Meryl was beautifully written. It struck me that the author has done a great job of a relationship where the genders are not actually important. It is clear that they both do and have done the deed but by not dwelling overly on the physical aspects, the question of who possesses which bits becomes less important than the way in which the interact, spark off each other and generally WHO they are in themselves as opposed to being an adjunct of the other...
review 2: Another solid outing in the Connor Grey series, but I just wish that poor Connor could catch a break. This time it seems like everyone is out to get
... morehim, of course, what's new with that? but it's more malevolent than normal because even his friends need to pull back some else be tainted by association with him. Somethings draining the fey in Boston and someone or someones want to start a war and of course Connor is smack dab in the middle. I was not overly fond of the cliff-hanger ending but that's the way it is. less
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Awesome! I am supposed to be studying but I have to find out what happens! On to the next one...
continues excellence
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