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Miles Between, The (2009)

by Mary E. Pearson(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 3
1423399382 (ISBN13: 9781423399384)
Brilliance Audio
review 1: Destiny wants a perfectly fair day, a day when the good guys win and all is well in the world. And she gets it - Destiny and her three friends escape their boarding school and begin a journey across the state. Throughout their journey, Destiny learns secrets about each of her friends, but will she be willing to share her secret with them?Those of you familiar with the story I Am the Cheese will recognize the surprise ending technique in this story. No, Destiny is not locked in a mental hospital, but what she does reveal will surprise you.
review 2: Mary E. Pearson is, no doubt, one of my go to authors. Pretty much everything she writes is a slam dunk and The Miles Between is no exception to that rule. Even though I had a pretty good idea what the big plot twi
... morest was going to be early on the journey the reader experiences through Destiny and her companions is well worth it. There isn’t any shortage of pain and conflicted emotions but that’s what makes it so wonderfully fulfilling. Furthermore, Pearson has created an interesting cast of characters with varying degrees of self-esteem as Destiny’s potential friend pool. Oh and there is a hint of romance here too, not the prevailing emphasis on the story but just enough to give those who like to have a bit of sweetness in the mix some satisfaction. As a character, Destiny is one that I found endearing yet unapproachable. She was distant, for a reasons that are revealed late in the story, and isolated though desperate for love and human kindness despite her outward appearances to the contrary. For his part, Seth is a sweet boy with his own problems. This opens up the opportunity for a tentative relationship where the two bond over common familial issues. Another great road trip story, I definitely encourage you to pick up The Miles Between. less
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One of the most emotional reads. Abosolutley wonderfully written. A favorite.
I really enjoy this book it makes me cry every time but sooo worth it!
Good book that makes you think. Interesting twists. Enjoyable.
amazing twist at the end
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