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Swan: Poems And Prose Poems (2010)

by Mary Oliver(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 4
0807068993 (ISBN13: 9780807068991)
Beacon Press
review 1: Oddly enough, this was my first acquaintance with the celebrated Mary Oliver. Although I'm not generally a fan of nature poetry, this collection had a homespun wisdom and humor that won me instantly and kept me smiling, reading and rereading each spare and often quirky poem. I do count myself her fan now. Also, what a pleasure to hold such a truly beautiful book for a change: well-designed, handsomely printed on quality, acid-free paper and hardbound. Too rare a treat now that publishers have turned craven. Although I realize the industry's imperiled state, I couldn't help but think how much more appealing a slim volume of poetry is when the quality of the printing is equal to the book's contents and how much better a book's chances of selling. Publishers, take ... morenote!
review 2: Many of the poems in this collection seem quickly scribbled in comparison to some of Oliver's earlier works. Absolutely, there are brilliant lines, and there are scattered gems, but for such a slim volume, I wanted more. That said, this is Mary Oliver, and when speaking of small stones as "the little ones you can / hold in your hands, their heartbeats / so secret, so hidden it may take years / before, finally, you hear them." it's difficult to fault her at all. less
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Lyrical and Beautiful...always have to pick up and get a little inspiration!
Her soul on the page. Absolutely gorgeous.
a good one with a cuppa.
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