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The Best American Science And Nature Writing 2011 (2011)

by Mary Roach(Favorite Author)
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0547350635 (ISBN13: 9780547350639)
Mariner Books
review 1: This is a great collection of articles and definitely the best book in this series that I've read so far! Some articles were fascinating (The Love That Dare Not Squawk Its Name, about female pairs of nesting albatrosses), some just left me shaking my head (Waste MGMT, about all the space junk orbiting the earth), some left me shaking in anger (The Killer in the Pool, about Tilikum the captive orca), and some were just "What The Heck??!" (The Chemist's War, about the US gov poisoning industrial alcohol during Prohibition). Excellent reading, all the way through!
review 2: I am going to attribute the fact that I did not love every essay in this collection to the fact that it covers such a broad spectrum of topics in varied branches of science. I did love a goo
... mored portion of them and I recommend this collection to any high school teacher who is working to incorporate more non-fiction into their teaching. My students read Hawking essay and it made for some really interesting discussions and they are still referencing it in their writing a month later as we explore other topics. I learned quite a bit and feel compelled to pick up the 2012 Edition now. less
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I am putting this one down for now... a few others have grabbed my interest for the time being.
"I've spent a lot of my career watching animals not have sex," Zuk later told me.
Nice selection of science essays from 2011.
Really, really enjoyable!
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