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So Happy Together (2009)

by Maryann McFadden(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 2
1401301487 (ISBN13: 9781401301484)
review 1: I couldn't even finish the book. I got up to pg. 203 and started skipping to other chapters and realized this book has no REAL subject matter what so ever!! I started to notice a pattern with each chapter and the pattern didn't stop. Every chapter repeated the last one and there was no real time moving forward. It was as if I were living every single hour with the characters and it got boring. Nothing changed, not the scenery, not the story, not even anyone's behavior. There was no rise to this story. No middle part where there's that turning point and you think 'oh man I need to finish this to see what happens.' So I did what i hate to do, I shut the book and told myself I didn't need to suffer through it and moved on to the next one, happily and con... moretent.
review 2: Claire Noble finished her last year as a high school history teacher, was planning on going to Cape Cod to take a photography course, and was going to marry and move to Arizona after that. But just as Claire was to begin her new life, her daughter Amy moved back home pregnant, and her parents showed signs of not being able to live independently anymore. Maryann McFadden's novel portrays what many middle aged women have to handle. I loved her depiction of Cape Cod and Provincetown. It makes me want to go back for a long stay. less
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McFadden has a fine niche in the 50+ female age range and the choices taken at this time period.
A book about family. How they deal with secrets in their pasts. Good read.
I didn't finish reading the book. Sort of boring and too formulaic.
Had a very hard time getting thru this book.
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