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Die Poison Diaries: Liebe Ist Unheilbar (2011)

by Maryrose Wood(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 1
3841421245 (ISBN13: 9783841421241)
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The Poison Diaries
review 1: I didn't liked this book. Before I even started reading, I was hesitating because the "explaining" (the few words on the back) of the story didn't intrigued me (I think the author tried to achieve that but it didn't really worked for me). There were no other good books in the library so eventually I read it. My feeling didn't disappoint me. I don't hate it but there wasn't really anything I liked. It's a slow story with no character development at all. Maybe a little for Weed. But Jessamine stayed a girl who's strange to the world and falls in love with the first boy she meets (who didn't saw that one coming?). It is an original idea but I didn't like the writing style. The "poison diary"-style wasn't really my cup of tea. It irritated me. Eventhough I didn't liked it, I r... moreead the whole story and there were some plottwists that suprised me so that's a good thing. I didn't experienced the tension because I didn't really cared for the characters. They weren't very realistic. I don't get the fact that a boy who hasn't seen a lot of the world and lives in his own world, knows how to love and kiss someone. The love felt a little rushed and unbelievable.I give this book only one star.
review 2: Characters: 1Plot: 1Idea: 4Setting: bland, 3The characters were idiots (let's poison and kill people and care more about carrots than people). Oh, the first boy I've ever met; I love his green eyes; he is weird; I love him! My daughter is too young to visit a poison garden, but not too young to marry and die! Seriously? And Jessamine knew how to do absolutely nothing useful except cook and clean. And write. And get deathly ill.The plot was awful. Oh, kill three times and you may have a cure! Let's make two people fall in love for no reason! Let's make the father a cruel and obsessed psycho!Someone can talk to plants. That is cool. Some plants have personalities, also cool. Plants are all-knowing . . . not so cool.They are stuck in the early 1800s near a small village, and they basically never talk to anyone else. The father has kept Jessamine home for, well, forever, and I was convinced she was, like, ten. She acts immature enough to be 8 but has violent mood swings like a 14-year-old. And she thinks about nothing but sneaking into the poison garden and kissing Weed.The audiobook was poorly done. All the voices and prose sound the same (first person present tense does that), and there weren't enough dialogue tags for me to keep track whom the reader was talking for sometimes. Grr. less
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I really liked this book! Even though it is of the YA adult genre, it came across as a very well-written gothic romance novel, rather than the more typical teen angst story. And as an avid gardener, I found the plethora of horticulture information and knowledge fascinating. However, I was about to have a total conniption fit when I finished reading the last sentence because there just had to be NO WAY this story should end this way!!!! So with some quick research on Goodreads, to my great relief, this is the first book in a trilogy!!!!
Simpatična knjižica koju sam (moram to da priznam) kupio zato što je bila na neverovatnom sniženju, a i sinopsis (koji po pravilu bude loše urađen) je bio privlačan...Dakle, knjižica od nekih 150 strana, priča o "star-crossed lovers", što bi stari Bard rekao, začinjena travkama koje i leče i ubijaju...Nepretenciozan roman, ali opet nikakvo umetničko delo. Savršena razbibriga za letnje mesece...
Put in the "did not finish' pile.
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