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Fantastic Four, Vol. 1: New Departure, New Arrivals (2013)

by Matt Fraction(Favorite Author)
3.8 of 5 Votes: 2
0785166599 (ISBN13: 9780785166597)
review 1: As much as Hickman moved the F4 into full-on sci-fi territory (from what it had been in recent years), Fraction takes the family aspect that Hickman also heightened and heightens it further in truly fantastic (NPI) ways. Fraction does an incredible job writing the child characters in a way that really captures their essence. It's very impressive. Plus, Michael Allred still amazes me and Mark Bagley remaining a linchpin for Marvel's art (much like Art Adams) makes me happy.
review 2: FF have never really been on my radar, but I picked this up because everyone was raving about it and because I've liked everything else I've read by Matt Fraction. Not disappointed! It did a good job of setting up the premise and the new characters (the FF's B-team). Plus the use of
... more the B-team is a great narrative device to make this newbie-friendly, since everyone has to explain shit to the new characters, and thus to the reader. Most of this volume was just introducing the characters and concept (which, BTW, is that the actual FF get stuck in time travel problems, or something?? SCIENCE and so the FF B-team is in charge)--which it definitely does in a fun, interesting way--but I'm excited to read the next volume where maybe some more stuff happens. I like stuff!! less
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I look forward to the second volumes when FF is by itself. The Moloids are my favorite.
I love Matt Fraction. Followed him to FF from Hawkeye, wasn't disappointed.
Really dumb, but as fun as a Kirby-style story can be.
Voto reale: tre e mezzo. Allred.
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