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Hawkeye, Petits Coups (2013)

by Matt Fraction(Favorite Author)
4.36 of 5 Votes: 3
Panini Comics
Hawkeye (Marvel NOW!)
review 1: It's insane how much I'm love this comic. The power couple Fraction and Aja return with their adopted children Clint Barton and Kate Bishop in the second volume of Hawkeye. This time around being almost impossibly more enjoyable than the first with my increasing love for Barton with all his flaws and kind of dickish ideals but all the same on his way to becoming my favourite avenger. I thoroughly enjoyed issue 9 of this volume as it included some the more prominent females in Bartons life and showed some insight into his past for those who are new to the Clint Barton character. And let's not forgot to mention the awesomeness that was issue 11 with Lucky the dog as our point of focus, well done Fraction, well done. Artwork great and unique as usually fitted the theme of th... moree comic perfectly with the help of the colouring by Matt Hollingsworth. If you enjoyed the first volume of Hawkeye be sure to pick up this volume too; you won't be disappointed.
review 2: Chris Ware writes a superhero comic! Woah!Atleast that's what it feels like at times; especially the two bookend issues. I was extremely hesitant with this series because, although I heard great things about it, I was disappointed with Sex Criminals (hated it, in fact) and that latter series is also very acclaimed. I had to try and forget that about Fraction, and I read this book as a fake Fraction virgin.This book is better. It has a lot of the silly super-hero hangups, but it transcends that by some pretty interesting storytelling techniques. Fraction is among the few modern day mainstream comicbook writers who is infusing the techniques long used in the "underground" comicbook world. P.S. You know how sometimes an artist will cop Jack Kirby's style and say 'dedicated to Kirby' (or something along those lines), I really think the Pizza Dog issue should name-drop Ware (or maybe I'm just a big Ware fan and seeing things) less
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I think I preferred volume I Clint, but Kate and Pizza Dog were A+ in this.
I Love the art & character, but this vol was hard for me to follow.
This is the best comic I've ever read. Go read it! Team Hawkguy!!
PIZZA DOG. This is all.
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