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Hawkeye, Vol. 3: L.A. Woman (2014)

by Matt Fraction(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 5
0785183906 (ISBN13: 9780785183907)
Hawkeye (Marvel NOW!)
review 1: Awkwardly paced. Apparently in issues it alternated between the two Hawkeyes, and I wish they'd kept that format, combining Kate's story with the forthcoming Clint-focused Rio Bravo. The bantering duo thing just works better.This volume is overly reliant on the reader enjoying the "I'm so zany" stumbley efforts of Kate. I enjoyed her more as a foil for Clint, zipping into his orbit while still being her own Hawkeye. Losing both the buddy comedy and the superhero-ing? Mleh.
review 2: Kate Bishop is a gift. Not only is she an interesting, hilarious, unique character worthy of having her own series, but she is also great in relation to other characters. Seeing her team up with people (whether that be the young avengers, Clint Barton, or her new friends in LA) is a
... morelways a delight. Kate reads like an actual teenage girl superhero and it is amazing. I think this issue was fun and was surprising and was very true to the Kate Bishop that Matt Fraction has established over his series. I loved reading it, definitely recommend it! less
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I love having a Kate-centric Hawkeye, and it was awesome.
Kate Bishop is my everything.
Love Kate, loved the story.
Good stuff.
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