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The Lost Kingdom - Audio (2013)

by Matthew J. Kirby(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: So I rounded up, I would actually give this a 2.5 because I didn't quite like it, but it wasn't just ok- if that makes any sense at allI have so many mixed feelings about this book. The person who recommended this said "it isn't steampunk since it is before the Victorian era, but it is still steampunk" which made me think I would like it. Well, I would argue that the only steampunk like thing about it is the ship. It's for people who like the idea of steampunk but haven't committed to it yet. So what I liked. I liked the premise of the story and the fact that it focused on Welsh people. I liked Billy. I thought Billy had good character development and he was likable throughout the story. What I didn't like: I despised Billy's father. I understand the hatred of the Indians ... morethat was common back then, I understand the reason for Billy's father to dislike the Indians, but beyond that, I just found he wasn't likable. I also disliked how everyone outside of Billy and Jane just accepted the accusation of Andrew as a spy. Why didn't they compare handwriting? I know that would have taken away from the story, but to me the rest just didn't make sense. For a society of people who prided themselves on their ability to think, they lacked the ability during the important parts of the story.
review 2: This was a fun audio book! I liked the pre-Revolutionary War setting, although a few times it was a bit confusing as to what was historical information and what fell under the fantasy heading (which much of the story obviously did). A great middle grade story! My favorite part was the relationship between the main character, Billy, and his father and how that relationship changed and evolved over the course of the story. less
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Very good, an interesting story of alternate-history colonial America.
I wonder if there will be another/sequel to it?
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